English Courses

For international students in the United States.

Reading and Writing 4 covers the steps in writing an academic essay. You will learn and master essay writing, summarizing, academic reading, in-text citations, and cohesion and coherence.

Reading and Writing 2 helps students master academic writing skills. You will learn and practice the steps in writing basic, narrative, and problem-solution paragraphs. 

Reading and Writing Courses Begin January 9, 2023, Online.

The name College Writing was changed to Reading and Writing to better reflect what the courses are about.

Why Use SkillCourse?


Learn the language you need. Focus on English you hear and use everyday.


Learn new skills and improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking


Learn essay writing and listening skills.

A Short Online Course

This course will help you master English sentences. You will learn about and practice writing simple, compound, and complex sentences.

Recommended Universities in the United States.

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What students are saying.

“Really, I am so happy that I have taken this online course. It is very useful and interesting. This course has a good influence on me, I became more confident in myself, especially after the quiz’s results”.


“Thank you for fall semester! You are very great teacher! I was really encouraged by your words and attitude toward students. I finished all classes because of your encouragement! 

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