Start Writing by Asking Questions

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At some point in your college career, you will have to research and write an essay on a given topic. You will need to research the topic and become familiar with the subject before you begin to write.

The best way is by asking questions.

First, your questions should be:

  • Open-ended and clear enough to give direction
  • They should require thought and research
  • They should also be focused and to the point

If your questions are too general, your answers may be vague and they will fail in giving you direction. But if your questions are open-ended and require thought to answer, then will help you in your research and give you clearer ideas as you write.

Sample Questions

  • At what level is noise considered pollution?
  • How does excessive noise affect health?
  • What solutions have proven most effective in the past?
  • How can we, as a community, reduce noise pollution?

Richard Carrigan, MSE

Richard Carrigan has been an educator for over 30 years and a filmmaker for the past ten years. He has experience teaching English as a Second Language in Asia and teaching university students in the United States. He earned his undergraduate degree from Loma Linda University and his graduate degree from Shenandoah University.