Conditional Sentences

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Expressing Cause and Effect We use conditional sentences to express cause and effect.  The effect can be real, or it can be unreal, depending on the situation. When it is real, it applies directly to our lives whether it happens or does not happen.  We call this the Real Conditional.   Real Conditionals When we form the real conditional, we take a dependent if clause and connect…

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Start Writing by Asking Questions

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At some point in your college career, you will have to research and write an essay on a given topic. You will need to research the topic and become familiar with the subject before you begin to write. The best way is by asking questions. First, your questions should be: Open-ended and clear enough to give directionThey should require thought and researchThey should also be…

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Camera equipment for making classroom videos

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What equipment do you need to start making youtube videos? Below is a list of essentials you can purchase on You don't need a lot of expensive equipment to start making videos for your classes. If you want to stay within a budget, you can simply use your iPhone with a simple editing program. But if you want to do just a little better,…

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Using the Passive Voice

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Using the Passive in Essay Writing When we use the passive voice, we take the object and move it into the subject position.  We do this primarily when the subject is less important and the object (the action) is more important.  Take for example: My glasses were broken. In this case, it is not so important to know who the person was as much as it is…

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Academic Honesty

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College Writing Academy encourages honesty in every phase of learning and values transparency in the use of information from other writers. Students enrolled in the various courses are expected to always do their own work, and when using information from other writers to credit them by proper citation and references. University of North Carolina

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How to improve reading test scores

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Often students don't do well on reading tests for one of two reasons. First, they believe they already understand how to answer the questions, so they often skip the directions. Without understanding the directions, chances are students will make careless mistakes, like selecting only one answer to a multi-answer question. Second, students often go straight to the questions without reading the passage.  Then they try to match the…

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Interview Notes (Tony)

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Notes from Tony's Interview As we sat on the sidewalk, Tony begin to open up.  I listened as he begin to describe his past. He didn't go into too many details, but what he said was enough. His early childhood was no doubt anything but pleasant. At the age of ten, he found himself wandering the streets surviving on whatever he could find.  At that…

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Writer Biases

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Bias = strong feeling in favor of or against a thing, a person, or a group of peopleWriters often use persuasive language to influence a reader's opinion. In order to put ourselves in a better position to evaluate their opinions or idea, we need to recognize biases and how they are expressed.Let's look at the article again, Reducing Disposable Bag Pollution. Here, we can see three examples…

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Cohesion and Coherence

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Definitions cohesion = sticks together.  This word refers to how well ideas flow from one sentence to another. cohesion (noun), cohesive (adjective), cohesively (adverb) coherence  = clear and logical ideas.  This word refers to how well the sentence topics are connected to each other, and how well they are connected to the main idea. coherence (noun), coherent (adjective) Cohesion A paragraph has cohesion when the ideas flow from one…

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