• All About Sentences

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      Coming Soon! This course will help you master writing English sentences. You will learn about and practice writing three types of sentences – simple, compound, and complex. As you progress through the course, you will also learn how to avoid common errors; sentence fragments, run-on sentences, and comma splices.After passing the final quiz with a 80%, you will receive a certification.

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    • Writing and Research 301

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        Learn and practice writing the steps in developing a cause and effect essay. You will also learn about summary writing, MLA citations, cohesion and coherence, and revising.

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      • Academic Listening & Notetaking

        • Listening & Notetaking 311 - $120.00

        Listening & Notetaking 311 engages students in understanding academic lectures. Each unit focuses on building vocabulary, note taking strategies, and understanding American university lectures.

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      • TOEFL Independent Writing

          Practice Writing TOEFL iBT Independent Tasks What you must know to pass. Your essay must clearly state your opinion on the topic and support it with strong reasons, details, explanations, facts, or examples. An effective essay will contain at least 300 words (About 3 or 4 paragraphs). You will have 30 minutes to plan, write, […]

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        • American English One

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            person holding grinder

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          • American English Three

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              selective focus photography cement

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